I registered my first litter to the Tirlta prefix in 1982 and my last in 2011. The total number of litters bred has not been large, nor have I, personally, promoted my prefix in the show ring. Apart from obedience, my interest was in breeding, not breed show exhibition. My aim was, always, to breed sound, healthy dogs, who would give pleasure to whoever owned them. Others have exhibited and/or handled ACDs of my breeding in the show ring and in obedience trials. My thanks, and my congratulations on their successes.

British working dog
Tirlta Bonnie Blue CD

Ch Tirlta Rexie (1982) owned/exhibited by Narelle Hammond (Kombinalong)
Ch Tirlta Missie (1982) owned/exhibited by Narelle Hammond (Kombinalong)
Tirlta Bonnie Blue CD (1985) owned/handled by Noreen Clark
Ch Tirlta Blue Brie (1988) owned/exhibited by S & E Park (Pavesi)
Ch Tirlta Droving Dan CDX (1990) owned/exhibited/handled by Gillian Campbell
Ch Tirlta Rose Vannan CD (1990) owned/exhibited/handled by Gillian Campbell and Paul Vannan
Ch Tirlta Duffers Mist (1992) owned by Noreen Clark exhibited by Gillian Campbell
Dual Ch (O) Tirlta Blue Yuranigh (1993) owned/handled/exhibited by Sue Dickerson
T Ch & O Ch Tirlta Peace of Mind UDX (2002) owned/exhibited/handled by Sue Dickerson
Ch & O Ch Tirlta Dartbrook UDX (2009) owned/exhibited/handled by Sue Dickerson
Tirlta Gem of the South (2009) owned by Noreen Clark
Tirlta Wasting Light (2011) owned/exhibited by Kath Williamson

- Noreen Clark

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